Porad Automation Technology Co..Ltd.is a global leader in providing complete solutions for laser intelligent equipment. The company adheres to the concept of technological innovation to meet the intelligent needs of laser equipment integrators.
We have a strong R&D team that has obtained a number of national patents, and a strong after-sales service team to provide a powerful service for the transformation and upgrading of China's 10,000-watt laser.
Our main products are 10,000-watt intelligent laser head, European intelligent servo drive and motor, high-speed intelligent laser cutting control system.

Our support - a trusted partner for customers
We provide constructive advice and advice and work with you to pinpoint your product requirements. We thoroughly researched and breakthroughd our technology in the production process. Because only then can you get a solution that perfectly matches your application. Behind all of this, you will benefit from our decades of technical experience and our high quality products.

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