• Powelder2.0
  • Powelder2.0Introduction
    The Powelder 2.0 is a 4000W fiber laser welding head introduced by PORAD in 2019.
  • Powelder2.0Feature
    Extensive expansion modules: Expandable weld tracking or locating functions for easy automated welding.
    High-quality airflow design: The coaxial, side-shaft protection nozzle and air knife are designed with smooth and efficient fluid structure to achieve the best molten pool protection and slag blow-off effect.
    High quality dustproof: Double protection lens design increases the service life of the welding head.
    Built-in cooling: Both the collimating mirror and the focusing mirror mount have excellent water cooling for extended lens life.
  • Powelder2.0Technical Parameters

    Interface type: QBH

    Applicable fiber power: ≤4000W

    Focusing lens focal length: 200mm

    Upper protective mirror specifications: ? 30mm*1.5mm

    Lower protective mirror specifications: ? 38mm*2mm

    CCD connection module: TYPE-C, TYPE-CS

    Auxiliary gas pressure: ≤2.5MPa

    Air knife: 6bar

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