• PoHeader
  • PoHeaderIntroduction
    The Poheader model is an intelligent high power focusing fiber cutting head introduced by PORAD in 2019. Adaptable to the Qplus fiber interface, Poheader with a maximum power of 30kW+ will usher in a new era of laser cutting – faster, simpler, more efficient and more durable. The newly designed cooling water circuit maintains lens temperature and increases lens life. The newly designed cooling air circuit quickly cools the cutting tip and the surface to improve cutting efficiency. It can monitor the internal condition of the cutting head in real time and improve the life of the lens.
  • PoHeaderFeature
    Autofocus makes the cutting system more automated
    Multi-channel water circulation, effectively reducing the internal temperature of the cutting head and extending the life of the lens
    Closed optical path protection improves the quality of the cutting head.
    Unique air cooling, effectively reducing cutting nozzle and sheet temperature, improving cutting quality
    Monitoring data can be read on the mobile terminal via wireless network
  • PoHeaderTechnical Parameters

    Interface type: Qplus

    Applicable fiber power: ≤30000W

    Focusing lens focal length: 400mm

    Focus adjustment range: +20mm ~ -40mm

    Control method: analog control

    Upper protective mirror specifications: ?40mm*2mm

    Lower protective mirror specifications: ?50.8mm*7mm

    Auxiliary gas pressure: ≤2.5MPa

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