• PLM500S
  • PLM500SIntroduction
    The PLM500S is a smart focusing fiber cutting head from PORAD in the second half of 2018. Diversified interface settings enable it to be used with a variety of fiber lasers; all types of sensor data are monitored in real time on mobile APP.
  • PLM500SFeature
    Diversified fiber interface
    Highly dust-proof: fully enclosed wrap light path.
    The internal airflow optimization optimizes cutting efficiency.
    Four LED lights monitor the internal state of the cutting head in real time.
  • PLM500STechnical Parameters

    Interface type: QBH, QD

    Applicable fiber power: ≤10000W

    Focusing lens focal length: 200mm

    Focus adjustment range: +15mm ~ -20mm

    Upper protective mirror specifications: ?21.5mm*2mm

    Lower protective mirror specifications: ?37mm*7mm

    Auxiliary gas pressure: ≤2.5MPa

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