• PLM300S
  • PLM300SIntroduction
    The PLM300S is an autofocus fiber cutting head from PORAD in 2018. Built-in imported servo drive unit, high-speed response zoom, complete rapid perforation of thick plates and automatic cutting of plates of different thickness and material.
  • PLM300SFeature
    Diversified fiber interface
    Use closed-loop servo motor to improve response speed
    Internal seal dustproof design for stable beam quality
    Waterway cooling structure extends lens life
  • PLM300STechnical Parameters

    Interface type: QBH, QD

    Applicable fiber power: ≤4000W

    Focusing lens focal length: 150mm

    Focus adjustment range: +9mm ~ -13mm

    Driving speed: ≤ 150mm/s

    Upper protective mirror specifications: ?24.9mm*1.5mm

    Lower protective mirror specifications: ?30mm*5mm

    Auxiliary gas pressure: ≤2.5MPa

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